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Things to Pack for a Family Winter Holiday

When it comes to dressing for winter weather, the key to staying toasty is all about the layering. Of course, when you’re packing for the whole family this can mean clothing and gear that you may not normally take on holiday. As the biting winter cold can be harsh, make sure you pack these clothing items to stay warm throughout your trip:

Thermal underwear

Thermal underwear may be thin but it provides an important layer in protecting you from the cold.

Winter coat

A good winter coat will help keep your body heat in and the winter chill out.


For babies and young children, a full-body snowsuit will help them stay warm and dry no matter what the weather is like, while snow pants for older kids and adults are a must.


If you’re planning on playing in the snow, a sturdy pair of waterproof snow boots is a necessity.

Wool socks

Don’t underestimate the power of a pair of wool socks. They’ll help keep the toes warm even when stomping around in the snow and ice.

Hat and scarf

The more layers, the better. Bring cozy hats and versatile scarves to help battle changing temperatures.


When playing in the snow, waterproof gloves with elastic at the wrists will keep snow and water out.


Goggles and sunglasses

It may be snowy out, but that just means it can be surprisingly bright when the sun reflects off the white powder. Don't forget to pack sunglasses or goggles to shield your eyes!


Make sure to protect your skin when spending a day out skiing or snowshoeing. The glare from the sun can burn just as easily as in summer months.


Just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean you should leave your swimsuits at home – especially if you decide to take an impulsive trip to hot springs or soak in onsen pools.

Ski gear

While equipment can be rented from ski resorts, it’s best to have items such as helmets and goggles of your own to ensure that they fit well.


Warm lounging clothes

After a day exploring the wintry outdoors, you’ll want to go back to your suite, warm up and simply relax. Bring some comfortable clothes to change into!

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